Amy Falkenberg - The Stitcher's Muse - 99 Commercial St

Amy Falkenberg is a local poet and artist whose abstract linear works create juxtaposition by being both a swirling mass of colourful animalistic energy, as well as having a calming effect on the viewer.


Her linear landscapes explore both the animalistic spirituality of nature, as well as the psychological landscapes of living with Asperger's.


Her works are can be considered both calming and stimulating at the same time, reflecting both the sensory over-stimulation and under-stimulation experienced by people living on the spectrum.

The turmoil created by her use of line and colour suggests a chaotic world, a turbulent swirling void of madness that heightens your senses, pulling you in and never letting go.


While flowing lines give juxtaposition, a sense of calm amidst the insanity. The proverbial leaf blowing in the wind.


Two contradictory ideas always being held together in her mind, both being demanded by society and the world like two dragons biting each other's tails.


Inspiration comes mainly from her poetry, with some pieces coming from nature, life experiences, and coffee-fueled visions.


Everything from terrifying hallucinogenic pink zebras to intergalactic phytoplankton is done in a simple yet compelling style that is one part tribal animalistic energy, one part neurobiological stimulation.


Lines create movement and energy and colour creates mood and balance.



Her art can be considered a fingerprint in creation, becoming more vibrant and detailed the longer you look at it, and always providing more to those who look beyond a first glance.




Her works have been exhibited in coffee shops, art galleries, tattoo parlours, and even horse stables throughout the island.


 She has been an active member of Nanaimo's art scene, participating in numerous events and organizing art shows, classes, and poetry events out in the community.




Curriculum vitae:  


Solo exhibitions

2011 Expose Yourself to Art

2013 Art Transplant 


Group exhibitions

2010 Start With Art Nanaimo Spring Art Show

2013 Mayworks Mail Art Exhibition

2013 Shrink Art Show

2013 Milner Gardens Art in the Garden

2014 Start With Art Nanaimo Spring Art show

2014 Year of the Horse Art Show

2015 My Street


Community Events:

2013 Nanaimo Multicultural Festival

2013 Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival


Events organized by the artist:

2014 Start With Art Nanaimo Spring Art Show

2014 Year of the Horse Art show


Art classes:

2014 "Painting with the Elements of Art and design" for the HerArt program at the Women's Centre.



August 2014 she hosted a horse art show at Cottonwood Stables to celebrate the Year of the Horse.


Here's Pepe and Boon posing with one of her paintings.



Link to a video of the Horse Art show with a little bit of the artist's poetry.


Video courtesy of Jessyca Idi