Sonja Billard  -  The Teak Tree  - 437 Fitzwilliam Street

Inside Angles;  8"X 10"
Inside Angles; 8"X 10"






Sonja welcomes you to share her most recent work exploring layering of vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Pieces vary from  small to medium sized surfaces .  Use of mixed medium, glazing and blocking keeps the element of surprise in the excitement of the process.

Covered Angle,  8" X 10"
Covered Angle, 8" X 10"







The use of metallic and interference paints adds an element of  visual change as you move past the piece.

You will also see Sonja's multi-sided art 'boxes' and a few more pieces from her Red Pear series.

Also for a bit of humor and whimsy

Sonja has collage-mixed medium paintings inspired from her 100 Day collage challenge.