Eileen Williamson - Literacy Central VI-  #19 Commercial St



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Born in London England, Eileen has being drawing and painting all of her life. Her deep interest in fine art began when she moved to Nelson, BC in 1990 and became a member of the Nelson and District Arts Council and the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council. Here, is where Eileen's public art and private art merged.


Eileen is a landscape and a sometimes urban artist. She loves it all but is especially drawn towards mountains, oceans and rivers with a powerful need to translate what she sees onto canvas. Eileen's motive to record vanishing wilderness is also environmentally driven in the hopes that others will be moved to protect and save these areas of our planet that remain unspoiled.


Eileen has worked as a photographer and darkroom technician, paste up artist, writer, muralist, set designer, illustrator, arts and crafts instructor, desktop publisher and graphic designer. Eileen has created art in oils, watercolour, pen and ink, mixed media, pencil crayons and charcoal. Her passion now is for acrylics. Eileen finds the medium to be so versatile and just plain fun.