Sonja Billard  -  The Teak Tree  - 437 Fitzwilliam Street





          Acrylic and mixed medium                on canvas.

          16" X 20" X 1.5   


An example of layering translucent colors. 


Sonja continues exploration of layering vibrant, translucent colors and shapes.  Art pieces vary from small to medium created from acrylic hues, glazes, some with text and some with abstracted images. " Color makes me happy so I use a lot in my work and follow the process."

Hans Hoffman said "You should paint nature"

Pollock said   "I am nature!"

Living here on Vancouver Island I can't help but be strongly influenced by all the gorgeous nature which envelopes us.





Various objects I find or have saved lead me into new work keeping me excited about what I am creating.

The stark beauty of the bare tree trunks reflected at Westwood Lake while kayaking was the inspiration for the simplification in the miniatures below.

Each is 5" X 5".

The above pieces will be shown at The John Harris Gallery during part of November and at my location, Teak Tree during Art Walk 2017.  Thank you to David at Teak Tree for hosting us  for this 18th Nanaimo Art Walk.

A large piece that will be exhibited at

Teak Tree.


39"X 51" framed.